Picnic areas

You have your picnic basket and you do not know where to make your lunch break?
Look no further, we have what you need! And as a bonus, you can enjoy our beautiful landscapes...


Picnicon the edge of the pond

Aires de pique-nique | EVAUX LES BAINS | 05 55 65 50 90

Located in the pond of Gane Evaux -les-Bains this picnic area welcome you for your every meal breaks.

Picnic Aera

Aires de pique-nique | LEPAUD | 05 55 82 15 89

Shaded picnic area opposite the church in the heart of the village.

Picnic area Pierre Leroux

Aires de pique-nique | BOUSSAC | 05 55 65 01 09

Wooden tables welcomes you for lunch time in the center of the town. Games for children.

Place of the Church

Aires de pique-nique | VIGEVILLE

Point of view, play area, departure of the circuits of hike

Stretch of water

Aires de pique-nique | VIGEVILLE

play area, fishing, circuits of hike

Picnic area of the Wood of Lassoux

Aires de pique-nique | BUDELIERE

Enjoy your lunch break to explore the Bois de Lassoux through the signposted route. And for your little tips a playground with zip amuse.

Picnic area on the edge of Cher

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBONCHARD | 05 55 82 36 07

Picnic area at the entrance of the village, bordering the Cher.

Picnic on the heights

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE | 05 55 82 15 89

Desire for a stop picnics? Take advantage of this rest area which overhangs Chambon and offers you a beautiful panorama

Bordering the communal pond

Aires de pique-nique | CRESSAT

Bordering the communal pond

Picnic at the water's edge

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE | 05 55 82 15 89

Take a moment relaxation at the edge of the Tardes- Bank picnic and games for children - Shaded