Picnic areas

You have your picnic basket and you do not know where to make your lunch break?
Look no further, we have what you need! And as a bonus, you can enjoy our beautiful landscapes...


Stretch of water

Aires de pique-nique | VIGEVILLE

play area, fishing, circuits of hike

Picnic area Place the fairground

Aires de pique-nique | GOUZON | 05 55 62 26 92

A shaded picnic area away from traffic, with tables, toilets, parking close to all amenities.

Picnic area on the edge of Cher

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBONCHARD | 05 55 82 36 07

Picnic area at the entrance of the village, bordering the Cher.

Picnic Aera of Sévennes

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBONCHARD | 05 55 82 36 07

Picnic area alongside the Sevennes fishing pond is also the starting point of a beautiful hike around the turbines Chambonchard .

Bordering the communal pond

Aires de pique-nique | CRESSAT

Bordering the communal pond

Picnic on the heights

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE | 05 55 82 15 89

Desire for a stop picnics? Take advantage of this rest area which overhangs Chambon and offers you a beautiful panorama

Pique-nique en bord de Voueize

Aires de pique-nique | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE

A small break on the water, anyone? So enjoy the shaded area or not along the Voueize with stunning views of the Romanesque bridge of the XIV century.

Picnic area Pierre Leroux

Aires de pique-nique | BOUSSAC | 05 55 65 01 09

Wooden tables welcomes you for lunch time in the center of the town. Games for children.

Dolmen and menhir

Aires de pique-nique | PIONNAT

Picnic area located on the site "Pierre fade" 200m from the village in the middle of a clearing. Hiking trail.

Place of the Church

Aires de pique-nique | VIGEVILLE

Point of view, play area, departure of the circuits of hike