Outdoor activities

A hike on the country roads, a ride on a mountain bike or on horseback, a part of fishing in the river, a game of golf, ... enough to take the air while discovering the treasures of nature and simply enjoying themselves !

Zoom on ... Terra Aventura

Terra Aventura is a game which combines enjoying a walk and discovering the region’s heritage and nature gems: a mix of culture and sports for adventurers of all ages!


With its numerous fishing lakes, rivers 1st and 2nd category, lovers of fishing will find their happiness in Terres de Combraille!

Hiking trails

Lovers of beaten tracks, old stones, remarkable trees, animals of our countryside between Auvergne and Berry, you will be charmed by the discoveries you will make in Terres de Combraille!


All in the water! Supervised, arranged for children and relaxation, bathing places in Terres de Combraille will delight young and old!


You will also enjoy cycling and mountain biking in Terres de Combraille, for all tastes and for all levels, with family, solo or friends, come and discover our paths between...

Other activities

Be reassured, in Terres de Combraille you will find all your favorite activities!