Le banquet sismique

07 July 2019

A festival of Sismo, designers, in the company of Cynthia Fleury, philosopher.


On the program from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 July at the Commandery, hospitable and creative, in Creuse: 3 days around a great gastronomic banquet with workshops, activities, debates and meetings, to make the world live as we would like it together .

Rethinking (conferences and debates)

Cynthia Fleury, psychoanalyst and philosopher. Last issue: Care is a humanism, published by Gallimard,
Nicolas Aubineau, president of the artist's residence La Métive, sheep farmer and militant for the cohabitation wolf-man,

Antoine Fenoglio, designer and co-founder of Sismo, Design with care


Create (workshops and activities)

Elise Morin, an artist who questions consumption patterns and the relation to terrestrial energies,
Elsa Kartouby, set designer, and David Caubère, designer, Les Poussières association,

Emily Regen, dancer and choreographer, founder of NKG

Frédéric Lecourt, designer and co-founder of Sismo, at the forge


Savor (tasting and gourmet dinner)

Bruno Didierlaurent, chef du Banquet and founder of Bruno's restaurant Bonâme, in Lyon

Carole and Thierry Guillemin, breeders and butchers,

Andrea and Mike Suter, Permaculturists,

Geoffrey Estienne, producer of blueberries and natural wines,

Louis Béziau, designer and director of the digital division of Sismo passionate about natural wines ...

... and the whole Sismo team !


The ticket office is now online here: www.weezevent.com/lebanesismique, and you will find all the practical information (access, rates, accommodation).