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Guided tours every Tuesday until

05 November 2019

From April to November, Gwénaëlle, guide speaker of Creuse Confluence Tourism, offers individual and group tours to Boussac, Evaux and Chambon.

Le banquet sismique

07 July 2019

A festival of Sismo, designers, in the company of Cynthia Fleury, philosopher.On the program from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 July at the Commandery, hospitable and creative, in Creuse: 3 days around a g...

Môme à la page

22 June 2019

From June 18 to 22, this festival is for children, young people, families, teachers, animators ... From June 18 to 22, this festival is aimed at children, youth, families, to teachers, animators.

Honey full of head

16 May 2019

Adaptation of the film phenomenon to the 7 million entries in Germany

Animation at the Etang des Landes

17 April 2019

Bees and company !

Hiking around Gouzon

14 April 2019

An invigorating walk!