Zoom on ... hiking and mushrooms

Creuse Confluence, an invitation to stroll

Creuse Confluence is a vast, gently undulating territory, studded with ponds, groves, groves and wild gorges (Tardes, Chatcros, Cher) that calls you to relax. The fall season is perfect for walking in the woods, looking for peace and quiet.

This space unfolds the wealth of landscapes, flora and fauna, between the ruggedness of the Massif Central and the sweetness of life of Nouvelle Aquitaine. A paradise for hikers, hikers, strollers or even mushroom lovers, who will not fail to see a few at a bend in a path.

A territory that reveals itself step by step, without haste, away from the tumult: a space that takes its time. It has been laid out so that everyone can, at his own pace - on foot, mountain bike or horse - and according to his desires enjoy the smells and moods.

In order to discover this land of contrasts, you can consult the many tours offered here or get the top-guides hiking with our tourist office and our tourist information offices.