Zoom on... Terra Aventura, an amazing treasure hunt and exciting family adventure in New Aquitaine !

Only one date to remember: Saturday, June 15, 2019! this is the launch of the 2019 season with 66 new caches throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and another 15 on the weekend of July 14!

Terra Aventura is a game which combines enjoying a walk and discovering the region’s heritage and nature gems: a mix of culture and sports for adventurers of all ages!

Equipped with the 100% free smartphone app "Terra aventura", the family is ready for adventure. With clues to pick up, puzzles to solve and a treasure to look for, young and old choose to explore the forest, the coast, islands, cities, villages ... with the excitement of finding the grail: the Poï'z. They are small characters with strong character that populate the world of "Terra Aventura" guide you and their badges are collectible.

This fantastic universe makes it possible to share privileged moments with his children to meet often unusual places.

In Creuse Confluence, 4 treasures are hidden and just waiting to be discovered ... All your compasses Terra aventura has more than 400 treasure hunts "high tech" to discover in the region of New Aquitaine, representing more than 1000 kms of paths to go all year!










We look forward to seeing you at www.terra-aventura.fr  

and to hearing all about your unforgettable family adventures !