And if you go for a walk to “Au Jardin d’Aïda”?

Originally from the Paris region but now settled in Creuse since a few years, Aïda cultivates, collects and transforms her aromatic and medicinal plants on her organic farm, in Saint-Marien and Bussière-Saint-Georges, near Boussac. Concerned with the environment, she also uses permaculture techniques.

Thus, after having picked by hand and transformed her organic plants, Aïda proposes you herbal teas, products for the kitchen, such as salt with garlic of the bears or coarse salt of Camargue with aromatic herbs, or care cosmetics, including body butters and oily macerations.


You can find her products online and in some stores of the department, in Boussac in the shop "D’ici et d’ailleurs" and "La Boutique" but also in Gouzon "Au Pré Creusois" and Chambon sur Voueize to the Art Gallery. You can also find it on "" with other local producers, the drive that delivers your products to Boussac every Friday.


You can contact Aida here:

06 13 39 58 84

or visit her website: